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Ananda’s New Product Line Unleashes the Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a word Ananda Professional knows all too well—describing the synergistic relationship between different compounds in the cannabis plant, including cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. When merged, these elements create a therapeutic feeling that is both physically and mentally beneficial. With this term in mind, Ananda drives its multi-million dollar research program in Georgetown, Kentucky, to continually identify new groundbreaking ways to use cannabinoids to improve health in longevity. Recently, they have broken barriers in the cannabis space to innovate products that transcend the limitations of CBD.

Leading Ananda Professional’s research and cannabinoid formulation front is Dr. Alex Capano, who states, “We’ve always known about the importance of entourage effect – that the benefit of the whole spectrum of hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes is greater than the sum of its parts. Now we’ve been able to carefully select and control the dosages of these important emerging phytochemicals into this new breakthrough range.”

Introducing: The Ananda Condition-Specific Line

Catering to specific patient needs and outcomes, Ananda Professional has engineered three new products that embody each of the best qualities of cannabis and its entourage effect. In the coming months, we expect to see a range of products produced by our partner, Ananda Professional, from multi-active softgel, gummy, and tincture formulations that enhance productivity and focus. The revolutionary products were developed by Ananda Professional’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Alex Capano, and newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer, Neal Mercado.

Here’s what cannabinoid matrixes are currently on the market:

InflaEze: Pain Relief

ananda inflaeze pain relieving hemp tincture

InflaEze™ is a full-spectrum CBD oil tincture formulated for soothing relief and contains a combination of CBD, CBD-a, CBC, THC, and terpenes.

InflaEze™ is a powerful combination of cannabinoids known for their therapeutic effects. This distinctive blend of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBD-A, CBC, and THC, was carefully selected by Dr. Alex Capano, the Chief Science Officer, due to their remarkable results. The tincture formulation enables simple and quick administration under the tongue and rapidly absorbs. InflaEze™ also includes a balanced blend of terpenes known for their relief properties.

Within the entourage, the InflaEze™ tincture contains a specialized blend of cannabinoids that work together synergistically to achieve targeted outcomes. Not only is this Ananda Professional full-spectrum extract focused on the cannabinoids used, but how much is used. The individual cannabinoids have been deliberately and consistently incorporated to optimize the therapeutic effects of the blend. CBD-A, which is the precursor to CBD, has been discovered to have COX-2 inhibitory properties. Furthermore, CBC synergistically enhances the therapeutic characteristics of the overall blend when combined with other cannabinoids.

SomniVive: Better Sleep

ananda professional somnivive cannabinoid matrix sleep tincture

SomniVive™ targets a deeper, more restful night’s sleep with a combination of CBD, CBN, and THC.

SomniVive™ is a distinctive formulation that merges carefully selected cannabinoids chosen by Dr. Alex Capano, the Chief Science Officer, specifically for their ability to enhance the sleep/wake cycle. CBD, CBN, and THC blend to produce Ananda Professional’s most powerful cannabinoid-only sleep product.  Like InflaEze™, this Ananda Professional full-spectrum extract concentrated both the cannabinoids used and exact dosage. To achieve the optimal therapeutic result, each cannabinoid has been deliberately and carefully included. Being in tincture form enables convenient dosing and rapid absorption through sublingual administration.

It’s important to consider the fact that prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids can have negative side effects and are normally intended for short-term use. However, this is where our hemp-derived, natural formulation reigns supreme—it is non-addictive, meaning it can be used as a long-term remedy to safely improve sleep.

SereniPlex: Relieved Anxiety

Ananda Professional SereniPlex Tincture

SereniPlex™ is designed to erase anxiety and stress and help customers relax with CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, and terpenes.

SereniPlex™ is a cannabinoid fusion that involves CBD, CBN (a micro-dose), and THC. This Ananda Professional full-spectrum extract blend was carefully selected for the calming relief these minors provided. This formulation places emphasis not only on the cannabinoids but also on their exact dosage to achieve relaxation. Each cannabinoid has been conveniently selected to heighten therapeutic effects. CBG, recognized as the primary cannabinoid, aids in boosting the body’s anandamide reserve, otherwise known as the bliss molecule. When CBN is administered in small quantities, it induces a sense of calmness and relaxation. SereniPlex™ also contains a potent blend of terpenes known for their anxiety-reducing properties.

For a long time, cannabinoids have been recognized for their ability to introduce relaxation and combat stress—earning them popularity as an alternative to prescription medications. But SereniPlex™ takes it a step beyond standard medicine by enhancing the most potent cannabinoids specifically for long-term or immediate stress relief. This natural full-spectrum formulation, derived from hemp, is non-addictive and can be employed as a lasting approach to managing stress.

How the Entourage Effect Inspired Ananda

These discoveries couldn’t be made without acknowledging the entourage effect, which plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of cannabis, hemp, and CBD because it enhances the therapeutic potential of the plant’s compounds. Combining CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes can increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of CBD, resulting in more significant therapeutic benefits.

By studying full-spectrum hemp and its functions when using the whole plant instead of specific parts, Ananda researchers could eventually control the power of the resulting phytocannabinoids to separate the desired outcome into three separate tinctures. Instead of solely using CBD to fight health issues like chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation in an all-in-one formula, each tincture is extra concentrated to fulfill a specific purpose.

CBD: Not A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

At The Hemp Pharmacist, we partner with exceptional brands that remain hyperfocused on improving patient outcomes through innovative research and inclusive products. It is only natural that we have joined forces with Ananda Professional, a hemp and CBD industry pioneer since 2018, incorporating their top-quality seed genetics, clinical formulation team, and leading-edge production facility into our product selections.  

Together, we bring hemp solutions to practitioners, pharmacists, and patients—demonstrating our ability to leverage every part of the cannabis plant. Ananda’s condition-specific line truly represents that; doing so much more than CBD could do alone.

For more information on our CBD oil for depression, CBD products for pain relief, and more, consult the professionals at The Hemp Pharmacist.

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