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Important Halloween Pet Safety Tips for Our Furry Friends

It’s Spooky Season once again- for many it’s their favorite time of year. There’s nothing better than dressing up on a crisp fall evening and going to parties with friends, or opening the front door to crowds of little ones in their costumes. Halloween is supposed to be fun for the entire family, but sometimes our furry friends get overlooked, or just are expected to go along with the program without consideration for what’s actually best for them.

There are a number of activities, foods, decorations, and costumes that might be tasty and fun for the humans, but may actually be unpleasant, dangerous, or even deadly for pets and other animals. Before you decorate your house, dress up your pooch or your kitty, or set out those treats for everyone to enjoy, there are some things to take into consideration. 

First, the excitement and action of Halloween might just be too much for some animals to bear. Pets with a predisposition for stress may find the rushing around, the doorbells, the unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds to be too taxing. There are pet products available to take some of the stress out of the holiday. In such circumstances, a calming CBD pet chew, or a few calming drops of a CBD tincture in the food bowl may help relieve some of the stress. 

Some Treats are Tricky for Pets
As tempting as that big bowl of candy might be for you, it may be just as enchanting for the furry ones. But certain foods and treats are toxic for pets. It is recommended that dogs not eat Halloween treats at all. Chocolate and candies containing Xylitol are toxic for dogs. Grapes, raisins, and Macadamia nuts, Walnuts, raw Cashews, and Pistachios are also dangerous for dogs. Dogs aren’t picky about unwrapping treats, and paper, plastic and foil wrappers can cause bowel obstructions. 

Cats are much more finicky, but every bit as curious. The same restrictions for dogs are a good rule of thumb for cats. Any treat containing sugar should be avoided with pets in general. If you want to treat your pet to something special, there are quality CBD soft treats available for both dogs and cats.  

Dressing up- Yes or No?
There’s nothing cuter than a good pet costume. But before you go stuffing your furry friends into walking tacos or Batman costumes, consider your pet’s general tolerance for such. There’s no point in trying to get your pet to show off a costume if it makes them stressed or miserable. Look for obvious signs of stress in your pet, and be certain of their level of comfort before you take them outside. A stressed animal may run away and hide. 

Decoration Do’s and Don’ts
Everyone enjoys a well-decorated house, and Halloween is where many let their decorating skills shine. But when decorating, be aware of potential hazards. 


  • Lit candles are a potential hazard.
  • Strings of lights, ropes, and wires can be tripping hazards for people and pets. 
  • Beware also of potential toxins such as glow sticks which can rupture, and other liquids that shouldn’t be consumed.
  • Beware of fake cobwebs, as they can cause entanglement hazards for not only pets, but for birds, squirrels, bats, and other small animals.


  • When you are finished with your pumpkin, remember to toss it into a wooded patch where the pulp and seeds can be enjoyed by wildlife. 

Remember every member of your household for every season. Be aware of their needs and their comfort. The Hemp Pharmacist is available to recommend supplements for every member of the family 757-577-1024.

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