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Explore our full range of CBD pet products, carefully crafted with high-quality, hemp-derived ingredients and specially formulated by veterinarians. Backed by science for dogs and cats.


Can CBD products for pets help with nerves?

Yes, CBD products for pets, like CBD Chews for Dogs, can be beneficial for managing restlessness in dogs, especially in stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, or separation anxiety. It’s believed that CBD interacts with receptors in the central nervous system to help calm nervous behaviors. Before you buy CBD oil for dogs, consult with a veterinarian to ensure it’s appropriate for your pet’s specific health condition.

Are there any side effects of CBD in pets?

While CBD is generally considered safe for pets, some may experience side effects such as dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, or drowsiness, particularly at higher doses. This is crucial to remember when deciding to buy CBD oil for dogs. Start with a low dose and closely monitor your pet for any changes in behavior or health.

How do I choose the right CBD product for my pet?

A: When selecting a CBD product for your pet, look for items specifically formulated for animals, such as CBD Chews for Dogs. High-quality, lab-tested products that disclose the source of their hemp and the method of CBD extraction are preferable. Check for products with clear labeling on dosage and ensure they contain no more than 0.3% THC to avoid adverse effects. Consulting with a veterinarian can provide guidance tailored to your pet’s health needs and help you make an informed decision when you decide to buy CBD oil for dogs.


Everyone deserves to look and feel their best — even your furry friends. At The Hemp Pharmacist, we plant the seeds of change with our full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD formula to give you and your pets all the potent benefits the hemp plant has to offer. Contact us for dosage information for our cbdMD pet oils, gummies, tinctures, and more with a licensed professional.

Please consult your veterinarian before beginning or discontinuing any medication for your pet. CBD should not be used with any medication containing a “grapefruit warning.” CBD compounds may, by law, contain no more than 0.3 % of THC. While this is not enough THC to create a psychoactive effect, it may still be detectable in some tests. If your dog or cat is prohibited from using any product containing THC, CBD treatments like cbdMD pet products may not be an option.

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