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The COVID19 virus is wreaking havoc on our world both economically and socially. During these trying times there are many ways for us to combat the spread of the virus as well as cope with it socially.

There are a few proven ways we can prevent the spread of the virus as well as limit our chances of getting it. Some of the most important are frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizer often (especially after touching surfaces used by the public), and keeping our hands away from our eyes, mouth, and nose which are the known entry ways of the virus into our bodies.

There are also many unknowns abouth this virus that induce fear in the population .Unknowns such as running out of food and water, no income from losing a job, and just being afraid of catching the virus and the consequences from it fuel these fears. These fears lead to anxiety, and coupled with the isolation of being trapped in your home from people being quarentined is not good for ones health and well being.

So what do we do? There are many Psychologist who will tell you things like staying focused on what you can control and thinking about the  positives of the situation. There are many breathing techniques you can do as well as regular exercise for your body. One other thing I use and my pateints have had great success with is using CBD. Consistant use of CBD is well known for its calming effects as well as inducing a feeling of well being.

There are many ways to use CBD to help with anxiety and stress. one way is using CBD at night to help with getting a good nights sleep. Getting a restful sleep helps you wake up refreshed as well as supports a healthy immune system which is invaluble right now. Another useful way is taking CBD Gummies during the day to keep the stress away. Its a nice treat and will give the added boost needed to keep anxiety at bay. There are also CBD Bath Bombs which are my favorite. What better way to relax than to take a hot bath with you favorite music, and having the CBD relax your mind and body. CBD Bath Bombs also have great scents which further enhances the experience so you go to be relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

Whatever your way is to stay healthy and feeling well during this time, we hope you stay safe and stay positive.

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