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Experience with Patients

When trying CBD…

…one of the best ways to see what works is through experience. I have 2 years of personal experience working with patients first hand.

I have seen a lot of what works and what doesn’t, as well as ways to get the most benefit from each product.

The first thing I ask a patient looking to try CBD is why they want to use it. This is important because not all CBD forms are suited for all ailments.

A person wanting to target a painful elbow may not want to use a oral formulation, and therefore a good topical would work just fine.

A person looking for help sleeping might not get enough CBD out of a gummy edible and would need to look at oils or capsules which carry a higher strength per dose.

Then we get into dosing. Everyone has different responses to CBD because everyone’s body is different. Also, different ailments respond to different doses.

I typically tell everyone to start with a 10mg-15mg per dose about an hour before bedtime, and increase dose and frequency about every 4 days.

I also find that people looking to improve general health and reduction of stress usually can take lower doses. I find pain and sleep issues usually require higher doses and more frequency.

There are many ways to use CBD products and our goal is to help you find the right product and the right dosing that works for you.

We sell only the best CBD on the market and we have professionals on staff to help you if needed.

We will be providing many articles and videos in the future to further educate you on your journey to good health.

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