Ananda Professional Full Spectrum Extract 1000mg


American-grown and produced, Ananda Professional’s hemp-flower extract provides the benefits of CBD along with a full spectrum blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Full Spectrum allows for the “entourage effect,” in which cannabinoids work synergistically to promote the most therapeutic response. Research supports that isolated CBD is not as effective or as well-tolerated than full-spectrum CBD products. This is a more affordable option for our higher concentrated tincture. Each bottle contains 1000mg of active cannabinoids. The tincture contains a scored pipette for accurate dosing. One (1) milliliter contains 20mg of active cannabinoids. Sublingual tinctures bypass first pass metabolism, which allows users to get the most out of their CBD oil.



Product Specs

  • 50ml bottle
  • 1000mg of active cannabinoids per bottle
  • 20mg of active cannabinoids per 1ml serving
  • Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids + synergistic terpene infusion
  • Carried in cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Made in the USA


Ananda Hemp Flower Extract
Raw, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
Botanical Terpene Blend

Contains less than 0.3% THC

What is a certificate of analysis for hemp?

A certificate of analysis (COA) for CBD-hemp is proof that a product has been tested to ensure quality, purity, and potency. Ananda products are tested at least three times by third-party certified cannabis and food testing labs to verify the consistency of products.

Ananda Professional COAs verify the potency and types of cannabinoids in your hemp-CBD product and prove that there are no solvents, fertilizers and contaminants.

Why should I buy hemp from an Ananda-approved pharmacy?

Ananda Professional is a leader in hemp flower research. When you choose hemp products from Ananda you can be sure you are getting tested and certified product. Ananda also provides education to pharmacies chosen to sell their hemp flower extract.

Ananda hemp products comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA). Many hemp products on the market do not comply with FFDCA, may be ILLEGAL, may not contain the amount of cannabinoids they claim or may contain harmful contaminants.